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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

The Tortoise and the Hair

by marybeth , September 10, 2008—11:38 AM

Topics: chemotherapy and hair…, creative time

It's taken some time, but I have enough hair now that I don't feel totally self conscious. You get a lot of comments when your hair is this short. (I think I look a little butch.) No signs of curls yet though, just a lot of cow licks. Eyelashes are coming in fast which is also good. Gluing on false eyelashes to go to the grocery store was getting tiresome. I'm vain, what can I say? Just back from my first post treatment visit with the Radiologist and he was pleased with my state of mind and body. I've dropped a few pounds, got a lot of energy back and I am raring to go, but...I have to be very selective about what I throw myself into from now on. I was over committed before and I loved it but no more. Now, I like having some time to myself to spend with Alex and my creative pursuits. All that down time was frustrating and defeating, but it gave me a perspective on how I wanted to spend my time in the future. "I don't have time" was my excuse for a lot of things, exercise, letter writing, lunch with my friends. I want to write letters and have lunch with my friends, exercise, not so much, but I feel so good now that I want to ride my bike. That counts, right? I might even start taking the stairs again. Don't laugh, the ArtId office is on the fifth floor of a factory building, a killer set of stairs, not for the faint of heart or faint anything else.




  jennydrea ( homepage )

08/13/2009 * 20:07:45

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  Brother Finbar ( homepage )

01/27/2009 * 10:49:27

Thank you so much for ALL the great tips.I've made such a mess sharpeninfg nibs! Hope you' going from strength to strengh health & otherwise, with my prayers Brother Finbar OSB (Scotland)


  Sandy DeCristofaro ( homepage )

09/16/2008 * 12:36:07

Hmmm. . . Lunch with friends. Sounds like a plan. Glad to have you back, although I'm not convinced we haven't always "had" you!
Onward now.


  Richie Sarno

09/11/2008 * 01:45:16

Coming in December 2008
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Look out Demi Moore, "The Butch is Back" and this time she is looking to kick some serious butt. Mary Beth Lawler dons her "Beret" and takes over where Demi left off (starring in a flop). This time America is challenged when a 90 year old demented and cranky Presidential contender chooses a "pit bull... with lipstick" to be his running mate, sending the hormones of women to run wildly rampant throughout the country and cause national havoc. GI Jane (Lawler) is called to action to set things straight(?).
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  Richie Sarno

09/11/2008 * 01:44:35

Bravo Mary, Bravo.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

09/10/2008 * 23:35:25

You looks great! and if you've picked up some wisdom about how to use your time, well hurray, there ought to be come upsides to what you've gone through. Best of wishes, Caroline

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