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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

About as exciting as

by marybeth , August 19, 2008—08:18 PM

Topics: time, toxins

... watching Mary's hair grow. I'd love to do a time lapse of my hair growing. Yeah right, like I have nothing else to do. For some odd reason there were no thunderstorms today, so I drove with the sunroof open. and it was luxurious, wind swooping over your head, no knotted hair, no hair in your mouth. Feels pretty good. Feels free. This afternoon I was next to a woman at a traffic light. She didn't look much older than me and there she was sucking on a cigarette. I know, I used to smoke many moons ago, but with everything we know now it's insane to smoke, especially for women. Now that I have cancer survivor status and sparse hair I really want to go up to young women who are smoking and say, "Is this what you want? Do you want surgery and chemotherapy and radiation? Do you want 8 months of your life shot to hell? (that's for dramatic effect) If you are taking birth control and smoking it's Russian Roulette. Blood clots are no joke either, I've had one of those too and I don't recommend it. " But I know I'll get an eye roll and a "whatever". They think it won't happen to them. They think they have time. I thought I had time.




  Richie Sarno

09/08/2008 * 20:54:31

Calling yourself an idot is a bit harsh. Many of us did a lot of the things you did (well I didn't) okay yes you were an idiot. No not really, for centuries people did these things without thinking of the long term consequences. Why I bet Christopher Columbus was smoking dope and went off course and next thing you know he is famous for discovering Amercia. And you know what? I can't prove it, but I bet that Eve actually gave Adam mushrooms. An apple wouldn't have made Adam defy God. A naked woman and mushrooms, now that turns a mans head. It would be nice to think that children, young people, well even some adults will listen to your story and the stories of others and reconsider the foolish things they are doing. You will reach some, but history has shown us that so many others will think they are going to be able to handle things and they will be okay and continue to experiment or indulge. We can only hope that they smarten up before it is too late. As for yourself, well no one can say for sure if your wild days of drinking, drugs, sex (did you say sex?) and the staying out late, had any bearing on your breast cancer. So don't beat yourself up so much, but instead stay positive and live a long and prosperous life. Mmmmmmm I sound like Mr. Spock merged into Dr. Spock.


  Mary Beth Lawler ( homepage )

09/07/2008 * 12:02:46

I was an idiot when I was young. I smoked, did drugs, didn't wear a seat belt, drank, the whole kit and kaboodle.
We didn't know. But we know now! These same young women have mothers who are dying of cancer at an alarming rate. I hope they "get it" pretty soon.


  Richie Sarno

08/22/2008 * 01:49:29

Mary, you look terrific, but then you always have. Very happy for you. Wow that is coming in fast and beautiful. Wait til the hair on your legs and armpits start growing in at a fast pace. LOL. I know I am a wise guy and people reading my messages probably think, "here is that jerk again with the weird remarks." But they don't know my good side. Seriously though, you know how much I admire you and you are an inspiration to so many people with sharing your experiences. Now I don't know about others, but I am hoping that next photo showing your chia pet hair growth will be a front view so we can see your pretty smile.


  William Joel ( homepage )

08/20/2008 * 15:32:35

Whatever? Ah, such is the foolishness of youth, but then again, weren't we as foolish as well? You're a brave soul to have tackled chemo and radiation, but also a strong soul for it's clear you have a great deal of life to live.

I just adore your work. I love the interplay between a playful spirit and a creative intellect.

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