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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

The Beginning and the End

by marybeth , June 25, 2008—03:39 PM

Topics: healing

I am three weeks out from the last chemo infusion and some side affects are disappearing and some new ones are popping up. Nausea and metallic taste are gone but watery eyes, swelling and fingernails falling off have set in. They have given me drugs for both the eyes and swelling (Yeah! more drugs!) but there isn't much they can do for dead fingernails. I started radiation yesterday and it is indeed very quick and uneventful. Side effects of the radiation will start to show up as the treatments continue, skin damage (I have drugs) and fatigue mostly. Oh good, fatigue, I wouldn't want that to go away! I will have 30 treatments, Monday through Friday for 6 weeks. The people at the Center are fabulous, it was a little chilly this morning so they wrapped me in warm blankets. How great is that? People tell me I have hair growing in, peach fuzz really, but I can't see it so they might be kidding me. The hair and the fingernails will grow back in time and my energy will return soon enough. By early August this should all be fading into memory BUT you can still feel free to cook for me and visit and bring me things!




  Richie Sarno

06/28/2008 * 00:29:35

Four beautiful women? I knew I should have studied Caligraphy. I don't think I really studied anything at NESAD. Happy to hear that things a looking bright for you. I am going to try and make my way down and visit before summer is over. My family (from my Dad's side) are in Enfield, CT so that is not too far a journey to see them and swing by and see you, but then again do you really need something else (like my showing up) to make you throw up? Think of you often and look forward to seeing you soon. Oh, I was wondering... if after your hair grows back in, could I have the blonde wig? Addison Glare still lives.



  Deb Ward ( homepage )

06/27/2008 * 11:16:38

You are too far away to cook for or bring things to - except for good wishes and prayers. I'm glad you were able to teach the calligraphy class, it sounds like you enjoyed it.
Just be kind to yourself and rest - let your body and mind heal. You not only have the support of your friends and family, but also of many unknown acquaintances via Artid. Hang in there.


  Kate Kiernan ( homepage )

06/25/2008 * 23:56:24

Mary Beth,

Thanks for keeping this community updated about your progress. I think you are a brave and honorable woman and your humor amidst hardship is very refreshing. I wish you healing and happiness,


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