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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

Calligraphy at Snow Farm

by marybeth , June 25, 2008—03:15 PM

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Snow Farm is one of those great places where you can study an art or craft intensely, usually for a week, and become immersed in the process. Free from the interruptions of television, cell phones and computers the mind quiets, the breathing slows and the body opens to receive inspiration. Solitude is balanced by community. Meals are the gathering site and conversation flows, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas. Energy is palpable as is the peace and quiet. The studios are always open if you want to work before breakfast or long into the night. I taught Calligraphy to four lovely women who learned and advanced so quickly I had to scramble to find projects for them at the end of the week. The solitude was refreshing and the community was invigorating, and the weather was beautiful as well. See if there is something that you would be interested in.



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