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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

Chemotherapy Comes To An End

by marybeth , June 6, 2008—02:38 PM

Topics: chemotherapy, healing

I was going to write this update last week while I was home recuperating but I felt so lousy I decided to wait. I'm so glad I did. The last blast was a strong one and it really knocked me down. Last week I was miserable, sick, cranky, angry and not a lot of fun. My blog would not have been a pleasant read. This week I feel more like myself again. The chemotherapy is still doing it's thing in my system and I am still experiencing all of the side effect but I am feeling some of them beginning to fade. Last week I was one with the bed, just rolling over was not worth the effort but now I have more energy, I'm able to work and looking forward to teaching at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, MA the week of the 16th. My head is like a barren winter wasteland and I keep looking for signs of spring. Any little sprout will do. I keep pestering Alex, "Do you see anything yet? Look again, are you sure? It's too early for my hair to start growing back but I can wish can't I?




  Teresa Utt

06/12/2008 * 16:22:11

Hey Mary - So glad you are feeling a little better. Don't worry about the hair - I think "very" short hair might just be a blessing and lucky for you, you have a pretty face! Thinking of you often,


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

06/11/2008 * 14:16:38

Richie, you are priceless. I almost don't have the heart to tell you that my niece is 35 years old with three children of her own. But don't let that stop the case of Bud.


  Richie Sarno

06/09/2008 * 22:08:38

Rogaine? No, seriously look at Melissa Ethridge. Went on TV and performed when she was hairless and she looked great (as I am sure you do) and she looks great now as I am sure you will.

You are and always have been beautiful. Beauty is within all of us and that is where it counts. But of course when you look like me, it is easy to say that beauty is within.

This has been a difficult ordeal for you and I am sure there are days when you think "how much more can I take," but your courage and inspiration is to be admired.

You have brought toether so many people through these blogs and the outpouring of love and affection for you has been tremendous.

By now you are rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself, "what is this BS from Richie?"

I mean every word I say. I nearly cried with emotion when your neice wrote that she was going to bring you maple syrup. How cute was that.

Can't let that little kid upstage me. I am coming over with a case of Bud.



  Katie Moriarty

06/09/2008 * 13:25:19

Love you Aunt Mary! I will be over to visit soon with your maple syrup.



  Anna Velez

06/06/2008 * 15:56:12

Mary, what if it grows back blonde?
Well, maybe not. Just think, you'll be able to experience the Mia Farrow cut.
I am teaching the first full week in August. I sort of considered inviting you to come to the class, you could stay with me, but your radiation will have just been over and you may not be up to it. Nice to hear you have been able to do some work. I have your "quote" about downtime on my studio wall and in my bedroom. Will always be true.

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