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The Tortoise and the Hair

by marybeth , September 10, 2008—11:38 AM

Topics: chemotherapy and hair…, creative time

It's taken some time, but I have enough hair now that I don't feel totally self conscious. You get a lot of comments when your hair is this short. (I think I look a little butch.) No signs of curls yet though, just a lot of cow licks. Eyelashes are coming in fast which is also good. Gluing on false eyelashes to go to the grocery store was getting tiresome. I'm vain, what can I say? Just back from my first post treatment visit with the Radiologist and he was pleased with my state of mind and body. I've dropped a few pounds, got a lot of energy back and I am raring to go, but...I have to be very selective about what I throw myself into from now on. I was over committed before and I loved it but no more. Now, I like having some time to myself to spend with Alex and my creative pursuits… Continue reading… 6 comments

Who Am I?

by marybeth , July 4, 2008—05:02 PM

Topics: creative time, healing

A few days ago I caught a glimpse of myself in a store window. I was looking at a stranger, in many ways. I didn't look like myself. Not just the bald head, the expression on the face looking back at me. It was like an out of body experience. So much has happened so fast, sometimes I feel like Dorothy, whipped about in the funnel and unceremoniously dropped in a strange land and having to find her way home. I presumed my art work had all but stopped because I was tired, but now I think my work, my inspiration and motivation have dwindled because they belong to the other me. The "multi tasking, obsessively productive, run, run, run, until you drop" me. She is on retreat somewhere trying to learn yoga and kick caffeine… Continue reading… 4 comments

Today is a good day. I feel almost "normal". It may have something to do with a dream I had last night about painted roman letters. Unlike most high anxiety dreams where you can't do anything right, I was making little books and paintings with beautiful letters in my parents basement. (just go with it, it's dream) I had visitors from a California calligraphy society and they were going to be hosting the 2025 International Calligraphy Conference. Never too early to start planning a conference I say. Rather lucidly for a dream I thought, I'll be 69 at that conference. How cool. While there are a multitude of layers of deep psychological meaning here, I prefer to think that my unconscious mind is realigning itself with making art and making plans, two things I do just because I can… Continue reading… 4 comments