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Mary Beth Lawler

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The Tortoise and the Hair

by marybeth , September 10, 2008—11:38 AM

Topics: chemotherapy and hair…, creative time

It's taken some time, but I have enough hair now that I don't feel totally self conscious. You get a lot of comments when your hair is this short. (I think I look a little butch.) No signs of curls yet though, just a lot of cow licks. Eyelashes are coming in fast which is also good. Gluing on false eyelashes to go to the grocery store was getting tiresome. I'm vain, what can I say? Just back from my first post treatment visit with the Radiologist and he was pleased with my state of mind and body. I've dropped a few pounds, got a lot of energy back and I am raring to go, but...I have to be very selective about what I throw myself into from now on. I was over committed before and I loved it but no more. Now, I like having some time to myself to spend with Alex and my creative pursuits… Continue reading… 6 comments

Look Ma - hair!

by marybeth , August 1, 2008—10:09 PM

Topics: chemotherapy, chemotherapy and hair…

___Oh my God, what have you done to your hair? That color is fabulous on you. Have you thought about covering the grey? Don__™t cut your hair. Who does your hair?___ The covers of the cancer books and inspirational tapes say, ___It__™s not about the hair.___ Oh YES IT IS about the hair! In our culture, as with many others, looks are everything and while we may say that looks don__™t matter, when they are your looks. they matter. This issue is not new to the present time either.… Continue reading… 5 comments