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Marty Bosma Maggie

Welcome to my WildernessMaggie"Thunderbird"
16" x 14" x 1"
Animal / Dogs
Not For Sale


"Maggie" was the first serious portrait of my art career; a beloved golden retriever I had given to my husband in 1990. After Maggie passed away, he asked me to create her likeness through mosaic, using his favorite photo of her face...a project I felt unable to do. I decided to "give it a go." After all, if I succeeded it'd be the gift of a lifetime putting all of the others to shame; worth risking my artistic sense of self! I drew her face on plywood and cut it out with a scroll saw. Using bits and pieces of my collected mosaic shards (broken dishes, glass etc.), I filled in sections of her face, day-by-day. I then mixed 5 shades of hand-colored grout, filling in the gaps, "painting" highlights and shadows as I went. After the final coat of sealer, the result was more surprising to me than to anyone else, and hangs beside the photo that inspired it! Since then, I've created commissioned portraits of other dog breeds (whose owners saw Maggie's portrait in my art shows), and a cheetah just for fun...I've even done a portrait of myself! I LOVE to create portraits for pet owners...they make me feel so appreciated!