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Mark Sarty Art Blog

Stolen Art - I didn't think this would happen to me.

by MarkSarty , September 4, 2011—05:38 AM

Topics: California watercolor…, Canadian watercolor art, Watercolor painting

Yes, I now have a stolen watercolor painting to find. It was ripped off while I was moving from Boise Idaho and Eugene Oragon. The painting has my name Mark Sarty at the bottom right and is framed in a vertical curved polished metal frame with a painted cloth white matt. The painting is approximately 30 inches wide by 60 inches high with mountains and snow reflecting onto a lake. The bottom of painting has a dead tree on a beach and the truck of the tree disappears into the lake. The colors in the picture are blues,greens,white and browns. If the painting is returned, no questions will be asked. If someone else finds it's location, the police will get involved.



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