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Mark Sarty Art Blog

Color and Color Control by Mark Sarty

by MarkSarty , November 30, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: California watercolor…, Canadian watercolor art, Color control, Watercolor painting, Yosemite

Years ago I painted this painting limiting the painting into two colors and the third, the white of the watercolor paper. This was an expariment in color control; my control. I once tried to enter an art contest where one of the rules was that the artist could not use white paint in a submitted watercolor painting. When I read this rule, I did not submit a painting and did not ever try submitting work to that organization again. Some artists teach other artists, not to use white, black, hookers green, some blue colors, or too use primary colors only in paintings. On TV an artist will used cobalt blue right from the tube, without mixing with other colors. If this rule can be broken, then any rule can be broken. Art shouldn't be painted in limited palete unless the artist is limiting his or her self. That's it, from this old artist.



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