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All you need is Love and a Paintbrush. Add Comment



Who cares about whom?

That__™s probably the main reason of who I am today.

That is exactly why I am painting Love and Love only.

I want to bring the humanity back to life.

One should Love himself or herself to be able to Love others.

Coming to this existance one can live

Life without realizing what life is all about.

Unawareness of high spirituality is at a very high degree nowadays.

Even those who are spiritual don__™t know the real meaning of life.

Why write about all this when I could have just written that

I was born and raised in a god-forsaken country foriegners call Armenia.

All I learned in my childhood was Love and Caring.

The older I grew Life took its course of damaging and stealing

my pure innocent feelings of Love away from me.

I am glad I am not too late of realizing all this and

trying to spread the highest feeling of humans, to humans.

We all need Love to grow and to achieve heights in our lives.

Oh well, now I can say that I became a teacher after graduating from

The teacher__™s training University of foriegn Languages

at age 20. Working as a teacher for three years after graduation, in

1981 our family immigrated to The United States

for permanent residence. Toughness of existance again took away

from me the Love of teaching.

By just inertia I start working in the Banking Industry although

feeling the emptiness of the existance in the absence of Love.

Love has been following me all my life. I got into arts as a Collector and an Art Promoter.

I would spend most of my leisure time with my family kids and Artist friends.

Love of Creation made me a Lifetime student..Holding jobs and

going to school at the same time became my task of Life.

Meanwhile I would teach myself how to play guitar and

paint. Seeing that self teaching didn__™t take me too far

I took private guitar lessons and got admitted to

Glendale College where I mastered my knowledge in design,drawing and painting.

Painting and composing music have definitely brought me back to my pure innocent feelings of Love.

Art has become the pure answer of my life.

Art is Love and Love is God and now I am alone with my Art.


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