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Michael Marcon Guestbook




07/26/2011 * 19:19:10

I have one of Michael's paintings. It is on canvas and signed on the left side in gold. It is a beautiful landscape of a road graced by trees. the colors are true to life.


  marudhachalam mani ( homepage )

09/21/2010 * 14:26:19

You are a master at painting!



09/01/2010 * 11:13:55

very, very well done ..... inspiring, so sensitiv and most of all decorative - I like it much


  Sistah J ( homepage )

01/12/2010 * 01:38:22

Your work is absolutely beautiful. Just had to put my 2 cents in with everybody else.


  Sara Palacios ( homepage )

12/26/2009 * 13:43:55

I love the mood. Beautiful.


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

11/14/2009 * 23:33:15

HI, Love your painting on the homepage. It's different and so elegant. Millie


  Kevin Varty

04/24/2009 * 12:40:02

Very Very Nice Michael!!


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

01/26/2009 * 18:28:11

I really love all your work. It is so different. I admire an artist that will take risks with the medium and have it turn out so inspiring and wonderfully done. I am one of those artist that is always trying something new. You really have done it. Great work. Millie


  Alina ( homepage )

12/06/2008 * 10:11:18


I just joined this gallery and was looking through the art work available here when I came across your pieces. It made me pause and link to your website to see more.

I find your work amazing. The light in your landscapes just makes the pieces glow and there is also something magical about your decorative pieces.

Thank you for creating these pieces. Hat's off to you.

Best regards,


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

09/30/2008 * 22:11:56

As I browse through your gallery I have a hard time putting my finger on precisely what impresses me most about your work. In the end though, I believe it is the overwhelming sense of unity in your work. All of the elements (the earthy colors, the simple textures, the rustic, aged look) are working in such coordination that your compositions seem to just whisper, "of course". Or perhaps that's me. Either way, there is a clarity to this work that makes it instantly relatable and approachable. You handle your multiple media with a great deal of sensitivity and the work, in turn, radiates it back to the viewer.

Collage like this can be a delicate and dangerous style to explore, as it can very quickly become trite and uninspired. Churned out like Big Macs and hung in every dentist office across the country. Your work easily, and at once, transcends the genre and elevates itself above and beyond.


  a.din.a ( homepage )

09/25/2008 * 14:02:20

I can say that I'm really fascinated about the way you combine different images and textures.
You're art It;s pretty inspiring for me. Congratulations! :-)

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