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Michael Marcon About

My explorations in art consist of traditional & contemporary landscape paintings in acrylic. I also create various mixed media works of different subjects & themes. 11 comments


After developing a serious interest in painting and illustration I attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design from 1997 - 2002. Although I majored in illustration & graphic design I was also able to concentrate on the Fine Arts with an emphasis on mixed media & conceptual expression. The last year of my college days I returned to straight painting with a new interest in the landscape. Since then I've been able to do art full time creating images for the wall decor market. I enjoy expressing the landscape in both traditional & contemporary ways. I also explore different contemporary images & themes through the use of mixed media & collage. For me art is about the navigation between internal feelings and the external visual world to create spaces that are both familiar & ethereal.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my art. My ArtId gallerys will be dedicated to most of my available original works. Most of my images are also available in signed open edition prints. To view my entire collection of paintings & prints just visit my website at Thanks for stopping by!


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