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Marcia Silva About

Marcia Silva is an Artist and painter that works mainly with watercolor, acrylic, and pencil creating portraits, among other subject matter. In her portraits she makes every effort to capture facial feature and expressions that viewers can relate to and have an experience of feeling and familiarity. **Call or e-mail to inquire about commission 3 comments


Born and raised in Sao Paulo - Brazil , Marcia A. da Silva learned how to draw with her mother around the age of eight, and since then drawing has been her passion.

She is a self tough artist for most part of her life, but living in San Diego, California since 2001, she took interest in watercolor and start her first attempts under instructions of Tom Tiedemann, and later Martha Matthew and Lola Juris.

Marcia's inspiration is life and its moments, feelings, sensations and illusions, and through colors and shapes, she wants to capture and present to the viewer a new colorful world.


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