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Jury Makeev

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Creative works of Jury Makeev!

by makferson , February 19, 2017—02:25 AM

Topics: Oil painting on canvas

Site: Except already known tendencies in art, Jury Makeev works in new styles, called Spirituart and Symbolens, created by himself. Spirituart tendency introduces you a form of religious consciousness through any works of art, in core of which the author's interpretation of Spirit's beginning lies. All of uncanonical images of Spirit's world, created by combination of symbolism of energy interactions of ancient and modern methods are concerning this style. SymbolenS ( Symbolism of energies in space ). Style Symbolens - this connection of aesthetic visualisation and scientific knowledge in the field of interaction of energies. Most of the works were created with butter on canvas and the other part of author's works-with mixed technique and numerical graphics 0 comments