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Madelon Gorsky About

I have a passion for all forms of ART. I enjoy bringing ease and comfort to my surroundings. I have been a people watcher as long as I can remember. Everyday people of all shapes and sizes inspire me. From the curves of the figure to the expressive eyes and lips of the face. My work expresses my fascination of people not controversy, chaos or hidden meaning. I try to generate something positive with my work and leave the negatives behind. For me it__??s simply about putting the paint on the canvas, I enjoy doing just that. I then share it and try to bring a little joy in this complicated uncertain world. Add Comment


__??Born in Ohio, Madelon was raised and spent her adult years moving around the Midwest, Northeast and the South.___  From Chicago, St.Louis, Portland Maine, Indianapolis and cities in between. This gave her the opportunity to discover many creative people, galleries, museums and old bookstores. Madelon spent an enormous amount of time feeding her appetite for the arts, not to mention the countless drawing classes she enrolled in. Madelon had a successful career in retail visual merchandising designing and creating interior and window displays in addition to opening new stores for department and independent retailers. This is want gave her the foundation and opportunity to learn the basics of composition, color, textures, movement, and light. She soaked up as much knowledge from many creative talented people and explored her own creative side.___ The time came when she needed to focus on smaller projects. This is when she picked up a paint brush and hasn't put it down. Madelon now has focused her creative energy with colorful acrylic paint with a hint of mixed media on canvas.___  This modernist is willing in her compositions to bend, reshape and even distort her subjects in an on going effort to create depth and perspective without sacrificing the purity and brightness of her colors. On the other hand whimsy and lightheartedness. Her goal is to always bring a smile and a little thought to the viewer. Madelon's work has been viewed in galleries and seasoned shows. Many paintings have been purchased by private and corporate collectors from coast to coast throughout the United States and Canada.___ 


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