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Madeline Faiella Art Blog

Speaking on a glass of wine

by Madeline , December 3, 2009—10:49 PM

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Simply put, I just don't have some profound statment about my art. I am not looking to impress you or to change the world. We do that by being. My art is just that. It is what and who I am on the day that I do it. You either like it or you don't.

I am aware of that and for the most part, that's really what it's all about. Now if you like it but you won't purchase it because your peers don't agree, well, there is nothing I can do about it.

I'd love for you to just like it, maybe feel excited by it,or feel like you'd like to look at it in your living room. You know, some people like what fits in their color scheme. That's ok with me. If you want something to match your walls, I will bet that I will still find something that I love to create while matching your wall.

I am an artist that appreciates the talent I was blessed with. My statemeent is if it's a vision I have and you happen to like it, I think God is happy. You know, for me its really simple.

I do all types of work and it can be sewing, painting, illustrating, two or three dimensional or writing. It's the type of soul that lives within my body.

I am very aware of my surroundings, I am not a bohemian artist, I work for money or I'll just keep it or gift it, I love to write, draw, paint, speak, support and so much more.

So what's my statement? I wish you health, love and lots of laughs. If we happen to cross paths, and if there is something you want me to do for you, so be it.

It is what it is. I will be happy to do what I can to bring your vision to fruition. If I can't I'll send you to those that I know who can.

Sure I want to make an income here but I want to do it with the highest of ethics. It's why I smile a lot and laugh out loud.

Think it's trite? Think about it and tell me what your favorite color is.

Soooooooooooo...I paint picures, creat graphic work and sew, and simply put I am a visionary who lives a twofold life. I am amidextrous with a high IQ and a higher adoration for humor.

I want to make you happy with my art whether it's jewelry, paintings, interior design, coaching, writing or design. I'm a multipreneur.

I really don't blog much so this could be the first of a long lonely spot. I just don't find the need to repeat things and I'm not going to talk about where I'm going, what brush I used or the latest trend I've found. I adore mystery but I'll mentor you if you want. It's really a personal thing, isn't it?

I'll try to post again, but I'm posting elsewhere for various reasons, and I am up to my eyeballs.

Contact me with questions. Please don't hesitate to comment.

I am open to a lot. I am just closed to narrow thinking and negativity.

Love to you.




  Madeline Faiella ( homepage )

06/19/2010 * 14:12:16

Thank you Jody. I've seen yours and coming from you it's a compliment for sure.


  Jody Coughlin ( homepage )

12/09/2009 * 10:40:51

Oh! And my favorite color is red!


  Jody Coughlin ( homepage )

12/09/2009 * 10:39:49

I like your work. Very much.

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