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Madeline Faiella About

Mixed medium artist; writer/editor; mentor and consultant. 4 comments


Studied art in New York at School of Visual Arts. I enjoy painting, making, and creating. My work can be simple or complex, deep and sultry or bright and happy and anywhere in between. I might make a beautiful pillow for you to sit upon while you gaze at a painting of mine that you might have commissioned me to do while you wear one of my pieces of jewerly and hand painted pieces of apparel. I don't have a deep important mission statement rather I just absolutely love to bring to the forefront what I see in my mind. God gave me the talent to see beyond the obvious and past the first layer; he also gave me opportunity to attempt to touch your emotions. I want to make you smile, laugh, cry, remember, think, enjoy, discuss, or just pick up one of my pieces because it matches your couch. If I evoke a choice, my work is being done. I am enjoying life and I adore my friends.


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