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Patti Bell About

I am a self-taught artist. I enjoy painting nature, mainly floral portraits. I would call my work more of an impressionistic understanding of nature than a realistic take on it. Add Comment


I have always been interested in and exploring different arts. My mother was a great pencil and charcoal artist and she passed the love onto me. As I was growing, my life led me to flowers. I became a florist/decorater in the Chicago area. The life of a florist allowed me to bring the beauty of nature to the lives of others. As I grew tired of the big city life, I moved south to the small city of Paducah, KY. Life was much slower here and incredibly peaceful.

After being a florist for almost 20 years, my life changed and I went into the art world. I joined a print and frame shop and learned the world of framing and prints. My love of art only increased. I was finally where I belonged. I could surround myself with beautiful artwork all day long and this influenced me to try my hand at painting.

I moved closer to an area known as Land Between the Lakes, a wonderful natural area that was created by the damming of the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers. Nature was calling me. I started off using enamels and painting flowers on glass. I enjoyed this and sold many pieces at local art shows. I switched to acrylics and just could not get the softness to the works that I was trying to create.

I bought a watercolor crayon set, some watercolor paper and a few inexpensive brushes. I toured the area taking photographs and looking at wildflower books. I even bought a couple of how-to books. This was IT!.

I have since showed at a few galleries and local art show. My work is a representation of what individual flowers look like in my mind. I try to get the basic flowers onto the paper and then take the next step of blending the focal piece into the background. The flowers seem to be peeking from the scene where I found them.

The art of finding the flowers in their native settings and putting them onto paper brings fullness to my life. I hope you can feel the cool breezes of nature in my art.


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