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Tina West About

As if developed from memory, she channels imagery from a familiar past life. Just as the DaDa artists utilized art objects in unconventional forms produced by unconventional methods, West employees coincidence as a means of production. West__™s images are painterly, presenting themselves as either single entities or still-life constructions and assemblages. Many of her photographs created themselves around the objects she is able to recall a once-forgotten object as a beautiful snapshot of nostalgia and warmth. West considers herself a still-life imagist. A unifying thread of simplicity exists throughout her work __" illustrated though her use of a single light source, timeless and seemingly meaningless objects and shadows __" a combination that evokes a sense of wonder and awe at the images that seem to have sprung from nothing. Add Comment


Statement of the artist

My still life photographs are sculptural installations, created environments that give new meaning to objects, as their scale is re-addressed through a new place in space and time. All of my still life__™s feature found objects, including objects that in some manner find me.

Together, you and I make each photograph a story. I begin the story with the photograph, but it is your reactions and experiences that complete it. Certainly, I could finish the story as it relates to me, but I am far more interested in the telling of your own story. The photograph is my vision. The story is yours.

As an introduction my camera of chose is a 4x5, I consider it a medium large format. The film of choice is Polaroid 59, there is a look and feel that can be found no other way. Now Fuji instant film, as Polaroid is no longer produced. The photographs are scanned and printed as archival pigmented prints.

I am a collector of thing or objects. I cannot say what I collect it varies from day to day, or year to year. Ultimately the objects speak to me, or people have given things to me because of what they saw of me in the objects. My collecting ranges from items and bits of paper from the street, to flea markets, junk stores, and estate sales. I am aware of similarities of my images to the works other artists, the similarities have been brought to my attention after people have viewed my work. I find these comparisons to be the highest of complements.

I originally went to school to study sculpture and then I found my interest re-directed to photography. After I graduated from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta I moved to New York where I began my career assisting other photographers. For the last 19 years I have been a photographer working in New York and have recently moved home to Kansas City.

My work has been represented in New Mexico at Photograph: The Platinum Gallery from 1993-1996 and in New York at the Robin Rice Gallery since 1992, where I have had 4 solo shows in 1999, 2001, 2005 and 2010. I have exhibited in a number of group shows in New Mexico, Kansas City, and New York City.

Private Collections

Primus Financial, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor, Alejandro Carosso, Robert Malabry, Frank Arisman, Ann Sandler, Elizabeth Watts, Alexa Hampton


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