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Lynne Hurd Bryant Art Blog

In celebration of the BOMB

by lynnehurdbryant , May 5, 2010—05:09 PM

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This painting is a bomb, but not a total bust. Artists are not perfect and we make mistakes, some we can fix and many we can't. As long as we learn from our "bombs" they have a place.

This painting was doomed from the start. The photograph I used was lovely, but rather lacking in a defined light source. I made matters worse with color choices that clearly didn't work. I let the pigment "break" and I got the background entirely too dark, entirely too soon in the process. The branches are not light enough on the lit side. However...

The leaf shapes at the center top are about the prettiest and most interesting I have ever painted. That dark background gave me a chance to experiment. I lifted out color in interesting leaf shapes, a technique I will use again. The apple on the left looks more round than the others and I know how I accomplished that, so I can repeat it.

The week I bombed this piece I bombed another piece as well. The other is a landscape and not a total loss either as I can compensate for the foreground that is not as strong as the rest of the painting. It is of Monument Valley and the rock formation in that piece is lovely. Two bombs in 2 days? Terrible? No, I don't think so.

My bombs are usually the result of experimentation, as was the case with these two. I also know that a bomb (or two)is, for me, the precursor of something incredible. That something wonderful is the Lily Pad on my website. I under painted both of these bombs, but had learned enough that Lily Pad was made exceptional by this technique.

A bomb is an artistic step backward, but it is often so that we can have a running start to jump a higher hurdle in a single bound. Bombs have a place and I celebrate this one.




  Snowy ( homepage )

10/26/2011 * 22:38:51

I found mlsyef nodding my noggin all the way through.


  Deena ( homepage )

10/25/2011 * 01:19:06

Of the pnalopy of website I've pored over this has the most veracity.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

07/14/2010 * 13:36:08

Your "bombs" have trained you very well to critique your own work and identify the areas that did and didn't work as well as help you make decisions on how to correct these areas the next time.
Do you know how incredible it is that you can do this? Many, many artists finish a work, they know it's not right but they have no clue as to why. This leaves them to make the same mistakes over and over.
You can call yours "bombs" but I prefer to call mine "studies". I do not think of them as a step backward at all, they are just part of the million or more steps we make along our creative life.


  Rebecca Jackson Jackson ( homepage )

07/14/2010 * 03:49:25

There is a good solid look of a peach and its leaves that make it a nice painting.


  David Stanley

05/08/2010 * 05:53:49

"Bomb". Whilst I may not totally agree with the artist's labelling of the piece I understand the concept. I can and have produced some pieces I am proud of. Frequently, however, I will labour over a piece and, when finished will say, "This isnt the way I wanted it to end up"! Some I will just set aside, store and forget. Others I will be so upset with I will just gesso over and begin another painting. Yes, "Bomb" is an apt description. One of my mentors used to say," We dont make mistakes, merely 'happy accidents'". Well, some of my paintings have been mistakes and have just disappeared.


  Julie Akeman ( homepage )

05/07/2010 * 18:00:11

I really like what you said. I have quite a few bombs myself. In fact I sent a few back into storage because I didn't know how to 'save' them. I did take note on how some of my current style was showing up in the bombed paintings. Interesting.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

05/05/2010 * 23:48:23

Well said!

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