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Lynne Hurd Bryant Art Blog

One year...

by lynnehurdbryant , April 15, 2010—12:00 AM

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This is a blog of reflection. I began painting again, after a 25+ year hiatus, just about a year ago. It is laughable, I know, that I gave myself a year to "do something with my art." I had only a vague idea of what I wished to accomplish. Success was not going to be based on sales, obtaining a gallery space, or having positive feedback from others about my work. Success was something less defined. For me, success was the way I wanted to feel about this journey called being an artist.

I wrote in a previous blog that I didn't feel I could call myself an artist. I preferred "watercolorist" or "painter" over "artist." To me, being an artist is broadcasting that I have arrived artistically and that I have some sort of prestige, that I have a point to drive home about who I am and what I am worth. It felt like an arrogant statement on my part. I no longer feel that way.

This year has been fraught with times when I felt that the current painting would be my last. I have been frustrated by lack of time and the demands of another, very successful career that feels like it is sucking me dry while I work under the stress of constant boredom. Because I have yet to sell more than a few pieces (and none in the gallery yet), giving up my day job is not an option. Neither is having a larger home with a designated studio. I have felt that what I do is ordinary and pointless. I have looked at the work of others and wept because I have felt that I would never be to the point artistically that they are. I had to shift focus and be the artist I am, not try to be the artist I am not.

Embracing the artist I AM has been the journey of this past year. While I didn't know it the end of April 2009, this was the "something" I wanted to accomplish in a year. This is success.

With this blog, I have given you a work in progress. It is, for me, a prime example of the changes I have made, the process of a difficult medium that I feel I am beginning to master in many ways. It is the background first, not last. It is wetter washes and softer blends. It is a different use of color with cerulean blue standing in for blue-gray in the branches. It is frisket that I am beginning to use more and more. It is the darker, weighted and free flowing blend of a background. It is my new understanding of light and reflected light, shadow, and reflected shadow. It is the work of a far more confident, more capable painter who suddenly is able to paint exactly what she sees. It is also becoming a slower, more time consuming process as I learn to take my time to create something of beauty. This has been true of the "Brugmansia" and "Morning Glories" you can view in my website gallery. There is a richness and celebration of the medium in a way that holds its own next an oil painting.

Artistically, and therefore personally, I am feeling dramatically more settled and content. My day job may be boring me stiff, but there are the moments when I can gently, joyfully and contentedly lose my entire being in that moment, that process of painting.

Artistically, I have grown by leaps and bounds. I have accomplished my goals, and then some. It is now time to form new goals, and I have few of those in mind, but that is for another blog.



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