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Lynne Hurd Bryant Art Blog

The spiritual qualities of art supplies

by lynnehurdbryant , March 16, 2010—03:59 AM

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It has been a month since I have added a post. I didn't realize that much time had gone by. Have I been busy painting? No. I have been busy working my day job and feeling sorry for myself. The time change here in the US and the daylight earlier in the morning has made all the difference in my outlook and energy. Of course, 10 hours of sleep didn't hurt me either.

I ordered some more art supplies last week. I "needed" them. I am learning to paint portraits in watercolor. The photo with this blog is the latest attempt. A bad angle, poor lighting and not the right paints for the job. Most of what I used was jaune brilliant and opaque. It feathered and back bled like none other, hence I ordered new paint!

This order comes UPS which means it will arrive about 3 p.m. on my day off, tomorrow. I am excited, not just to have the art supplies, but to experience them as I unpack them. I will smell the woody odor of the Turner box I bought. I will whiff the paint tubes and run my fingers on the edges of the butcher tray (I have 2 others) and appreciate the cool enamel coating. There is a new half Imperial Gatorboard in there too, which I will measure and cut in half for double the fun. The packing materials, the way things were wrapped and placed, the thought of future endeavors...these are the joys of an order of treasures from the online art candy store.

This experience always lights my artist fires and I am counting on that right now. I have a painting on my table that is nearly done, although I miscalculated the balance I was striving for, nothing that cannot be fixed. The composition is fine. The colors are interesting, but the balance of color and form is not quite working...yet. I'll work on it until my spiritual experience arrives with a knock at the front door. The dog will spring into action and me right behind her, as I call a thanks to the man in the brown shirt and bring my haul in the house.

I cannot wait.



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