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Lynne Hurd Bryant Art Blog

Trying to balance life and disappointments

by lynnehurdbryant , February 2, 2010—01:38 AM

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The painting you see with this blog is one I don't have on my website because I am not satisfied with it. It is an example of what I want, versus what I come up with. It exemplifies my life right now. There is what I want, what I work for, and what I end up with.

A couple of years ago, I bought a fixer upper of a mobile home. I have been fixing it up since. Right now, yet again, I am having issues with a bathroom. This house has 2, so it is not dire, but seems to be, from time to time. The master bath was nothing more than a shell of a room when I bought the house. It took entirely too long to get to the project in the first place. To do the shower stall I was sold the wrong product by that large depot for DIY supplies. It took weeks to try to get that to fit and once it did, it rotted out in a few short months. The second round, I had the right product and it went in in just a day and a half. But, it has been leaking from somewhere since. The floor didn't go down right the first time and I knew that had to be redone, but now it can't wait any longer as it is ruined.

It is my Friday evening from work and I am taking up the bathroom floor and investigating a leak. Joy.

I had visions of a purple, green and blue bathroom that matched my dragonfly motif towels and various bathroom-type items, a place to have bubble baths, candles and sip wine. What have I gotten is the pleasure of doing it all twice, the expense of a double adventure and drama all the way around.

To add to life's little dramas, the used car I bought last November is not working. I had visions of short distance traveling and what I have is a click-click-click when I try to start the car. Battery or alternator? Alternator or battery? I don't know as yet, but I do know this has to come from a budget that has been plagued by lack of work at my day job where I am paid on production. That is a sad business on the best of days. If people don't get sick and have to be in the hospital, I don't eat. You want to talk about trying to derive joy from the pain of others.

This, naturally, puts me in the frame of mind where I can't paint. I can't justify the time, nor the pleasure when there are projects needing my attention. I have not touched a brush in 2 weeks, sadly, and tomorrow isn't looking good either. If it is just a battery, I'll make the 60+ mile trip to the nearest Walmart and buy another, then drive the 60+ miles back and put it in the car. I'll tackle the bathroom leak, floor whatever all of whatever when I return. With a little luck, this leak is what I think it is and not more. Once it dries, it is a few hours with resin paper and tiles, reseat the commode and I am back to where I started, more or less.

I don't see how other people manage a day job, home repairs, cleaning, cooking, eating, sleeping and still have time to paint at all. I know why I was so productive weeks ago, I had given up cleaning, sleeping and eating, and I had ignored the bathroom problems. How does one strike a balance AND handle the dramas life will invariably dish out?

I am sure I don't know, but if and when I come up with any answers, I'll let you know.




  Barbi ( homepage )

08/08/2011 * 14:44:55

You're the greeatst! JMHO


  Destry ( homepage )

08/07/2011 * 09:06:51

I thank you hmubly for sharing your wisdom JJWY


  Christopher ( homepage )

02/20/2010 * 14:14:25

I've only been seriously doing art for about two years, but I know I will probably never find a balance. I'll put off cleaning until the last minute and seem to live in a constant state of disarray. Making money from art seems to mean you can either mass produce work very quickly (bob ross style) or working long hours (what I've been doing).
I think I'd regret not creating than not cleaning house as much as should :-)


  June Maffin ( homepage )

02/02/2010 * 11:00:31

Hi Lynne,

Don't know why you don't like this painting - it's lovely. Sometimes, I find that the expectations we put on ourselves are enormous and that they restrict our vision and diminish our ability to experience joy in the little things.

You ask "how does one strike a balance ..." It's a neverending question isn't it. Some weeks, it seems that the "dramas life will invariably dish out" are all we have time/energy to focus on. Other times, there are gaps and we feel as if we are floating on air - our creativity soars. But most of the time, it's in-between ... a little of this; a little of that. The "balancing act" for me isn't always on a daily basis, but rather it's a longer time than that: kairos rather than chronos.

Could you have been out-of-balance when you were so productive weeks ago and "had given up cleaning, sleeping and eating"and the bathroom problems were ignored, but you didn't experience it that way at the time because life was good creativity-wise? But now, because life's crises have descended and there is little creativity flowing, it feels out of balance?

The challenge for me at such times is to "make" time to create --- even if it is only five minutes of sketching, two minutes of zentangling, ten minutes of rearranging furniture in my home, etc. and oh yes, the other challenge is remembering to breathe through it all!

This painting is lovely and while you may not satisfied with it, others see beauty. Hope you put it up on your website ... and that before you know it, a sense of peace is yours and you're creating, creating, creating! ;-)

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