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Lynne Hurd Bryant Art Blog

Being an competent adult for an evening

by lynnehurdbryant , January 20, 2010—12:04 AM

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My gallery reception is this Friday. I am a virtual hermit as my day job keeps me locked at home, chained to my desk. I also paint at home, eat at home, live at home, rarely getting out and generally making a fool of myself when in public. On top of that, I need to be articulate about my art. How does one explain something that proceeds, not so much from conscious thought, but rather from the silence of the soul?

I have felt overwhelmed for several months. I had occasion to leave my small town this morning and it is on the road when my greatest insights occur. The reason for feeling out of balance is the abundance of bliss in my life over the past several months.

Painting is sheer bliss for me. The colors of my watercolor palette are incredible. They are bright, intense, pure eye candy. To sit at my work table and gaze into the pools of vibrant color, my heart seems to skip a beat. I plunge a brush into them and trail the pigment on my tray, never worrying about mixing, or choices, let alone the finished product. The gelatin like texture of the paint, the way it waxes and wanes with the addition of water and the scent of damp paper as I work in more and more layers of is a dream-like state.

Admittedly, I have not been back to painting for much more than 8 months, taking it rather seriously since August 2009. After completing my "Purple Pansies in the Garden" in the wee hours of this morning, I am no longer sure I am a one-trick painter. If you had asked me the most important facet of painting for me, it would have been color. Remembering to see light, value and recreate texture has been the challenge.

Every painting is bringing a clarity of my voice as a painter, and I find I can even carry a tune. Last May, I think what I was wanting to accomplish in a year was finding my voice as an artist. I wanted to find one style and use it. I spent most of the last 8 months feeling rather disjointed and at odds with what I wanted to happen artistically. It was not until I put a chronological retrospection on Facebook did I see the truth emerge. All the paintings in that grouping are clearly by one artist with a bag of tricks that work. I accomplished my goal.

I am still in the heart space where I am excited that I am painting at all. Because I work long hours at my job, and have a very successful career, I have to squeeze painting into all of my so-called free time. It is going to be a tough year between the two. I wonder if I will still be in the same joyful place a year from now, and I can't imagine that I will be anywhere else.



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