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Lynne Hurd Bryant Art Blog

First gallery installation

by lynnehurdbryant , January 13, 2010—07:01 PM

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I went and picked up my framed pieces today, and took them to Art on Mountain Gallery in Fort Collins. I used the 3-hour trip home to Wyoming to reflect.

The Antique Rose that accompanies this blog is one that I got to see all framed up. I consider this painting a bit of a sow's ear. Those familiar with my work are used to seeing softly graded value, and this one is a bit harsh, in my estimation. The leaves are nice, but the rose looks hard, not soft and romantic. It received an off-white frame that looks shabby chic, a rose inner mat and a rice paper looking outer mat. While not exactly a silk purse, it presents itself well and I don't have to actually like it, right?

The "Opium, Ode to Georgia" is hanging in the front window of the gallery. It is a painting that translates well at a bit of a distance, and it has it in the window. We did that one black, white, black so it sets it off nicely.

The first watercolor painting I did last May, the first watercolor painting of any sort in 25 years, was also framed and hangs in the gallery. I was rather emotional when I saw it because it was the first finished piece I got to see. The inner mat is a sea grass green and textured with a cream outer mat and a walnut frame. It was suggested to me that it be reoriented vertically and that made all the difference. I really DO like it.

I have not done any of this before and for those who are experienced in these things, you will understand that it takes a great deal of organization to pull this off properly. I was not ready, not especially organized, but getting that way. This will not happen again because I won't let it. My goal for 2010 is to have 30 framed pieces to "float" among different venues. This is doable, unless there are a number of sales. I am not holding my breath about sales, but I am close to holding my breath about how much I can possibly paint...I still have a rather inconvenient day job. Since I do this job at home, you can imagine how loudly a current painting's voice can be. The one on the desk now called for my attention from Colorado Springs as I took a daughter back to school, all the way back to Greeley while I was trying to sleep at another daughter's flat, and all the way home to Wyoming. I will leave this now as the calling has become screaming and it is deafening!



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