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Lynne Hurd Bryant

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I have had what I hope is an epiphany. That is to say, I hope I don't move back into the cave of my own reticence and fear. Please bear with me here, my mind is running in two circles. I am 52. I became a grandmother for the first time last December and the second time in January. I wanted to be a grandmother while I was still young enough to chase them and spend time with them. I had an excellent grandmother and I wanted to be an excellent grandmother. It is a distinct, marked point of transition in one___'________________________s life, being a grandparent. It is a rite of passage of a sort, and as my oldest son is 29, it is one I had waited for a bit longer than anticipated… Continue reading… 0 comments

Dark night of the artistic soul

by lynnehurdbryant , February 17, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: emerging

A fellow artist on Facebook inspired this blog. He had a dark night of the soul recently. He gathered all of his work together and decided to burn the lot of them. He didn't actually complete this task, but he was exasperated by his artistic career. I assured him that he is not alone, we have all been there. I am there nearly weekly. The dark night of the soul is inevitable, at some point, in our artistic lives. It is born of frustration, the inability to do the sort of work we want to do and not being the artists we want to be. Primarily, I believe, it is profound self-doubt. Self-doubt is not a bad thing. I am a converted Catholic of nearly three decades… Continue reading… 6 comments

Taking myself more seriously

by lynnehurdbryant , January 9, 2010—02:14 AM

Topics: emerging, shoebox, watercolor

It is time for some honest self-disclosure, now that we have a new year with no mistakes in it yet. Truth #1: From May of 1983 until May of 2009, I had managed perhaps 12 paintings in total. Truth #2: There is no rhyme or reason for suddenly taking painting seriously in May 2009, nor a legitimate reason for painting primarily in watercolor, a medium I have little experience with. I gave myself a year to "do something with my art" without specifying what that "something" might be. It seems ludicrous in retrospect as it takes years and a lot of work to learn to paint well. Truth #3: In December, I garnered gallery representation for which I was not yet ready. The first watercolor in 25+ years is hanging in the gallery… Continue reading… 3 comments