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Lynn Katz, Photographer Art Blog


by Lynn , September 21, 2010—08:42 AM

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Knowing that I mainly photograph landscapes, rural scenes, ocean scapes - non people things. I realized that I have never displayed the cityscape photos of Springfield MA that I have done. It was an interesting experiment for me. Having someone request a picture of a particular building at sunset off I went to take it. Realizing I needed to be on the other side of the Ct river I figured out the only place I could get this particular shot was from the Bondi's island. For those of you who are unfamilar with this place it is the waste water treatment facility for Springfield and surrounding areas (if you are not familar with it, it is probably better for you). So on this hot summer night off I go. Taking my mother and cousin with me. The end of the long story is while I was able to get some cool shots of Springfield the particular building sign my potential customer wanted was gone. However I did hear about the stink, bugs, humidity for a very long time from Mom and cousin. Till next time.



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