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Lynn Katz, Photographer Art Blog


by Lynn , November 22, 2009—05:05 PM

Topics: 1st installment

It has occured to me that I have never really said hello and thank you for visiting. So hello and thank you for visiting. Some folks I know have asked why I chose photography and especially fine art photography. Others have asked why don't I photograph people. Well the easiest answer is I do not photograph people because I chose not to - it is an area that I do not like working in. I much prefer to work outdoors picking and choosing what appeals to me. Landscapes, florals, barns and animals. What I see is what you see. I do not play with the images. Plain and simple I love when I am out shooting pictures - it is just a part of me. I hope you enjoy seeing what I can show you. I would love to hear from you. What you would like to see, if you have a special request. I still shoot film, I prefer Kodak 800 ultra max film. I know it is not the "in" method. However I am not known for doing what everyone else does. Have a happy holiday season. Lynn Katz



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