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Lynda Cookson Art Blog

A workbook for artists

by lyndacookson , April 13, 2009—12:00 AM

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I've just published my first ebook after an incredible learning curve of ebook programmes, secure payment facilities and learning to use the chosen programmes ... what a ride!

After much research I chose to purchase the Desk Top Author programme to write the ebook - and that is connected to which has a secure payment method. I can recommend both facilities. The basic Desk Top Author is priced at $99, gives you membership as part of the package, and I think is worth the money.

Here's the gen on my first ebook - the second edition of "The eArt Directory", which can be accessed at:

Grade or Focus (In other words, for whom the book was written!) The eArt Directory is for artists who, especially in this present worldwide downturn in the economy, would like to broaden their horizons to promote and sell their art through the internet. It's a workbook designed for this purpose.

It's for those artists who haven't a clue about how to be a business-person, and it's for those artists who know what they're doing business-wise but need to save hours, days, weeks and months in searching for relevant websites to work with. The eArt Directory grew to what it is now, over a period of five or six years .... to give you an idea of how much time you'll be saving!

The e-Art Directory is also for art collectors - those people who love art and want to either browse, soaking up the images, or buy a piece of art; it's for those lovers of art who have a desire for a good piece of original art for a wall, or walls, in their home; and for those who wish to invest in art, especially now when the potential for the price of art to rise, is so great.

Here's where you can find the ebook to purchase your copy:

Index of Contents Introduction : The purpose of The eArt Directory Secondary Markets and Raising Your Profile Examine Your Expectations Take Responsibility for Your Decisions and Actions The Process of Internet Research and Marketing Some Useful Tips

Part One : Tips and Guidelines for Photographing, Scanning and Uploading Art Images to the Computer Photographing your original art Non-digital cameras Digital cameras Tips for the Process of Photographing The Editing Process Scanning your original art

Part Two : Editing and Filing Images Suggestions on what to use to correctly size your images Filing Your Images on the Computer

Part Three : Your Own Website Designing and Building your website Registering a Domain Name Hosting Blogging Advertising your website

Part Four : Opportunities in Cyberspace A few words about Web Galleries Licensing your art eBay

Part Five : Virus Protection Protecting your work and your computer against viruses

Part Six : Future Editions of The eArt Directory Website Address Corrections Future Website Inclusions Website Address Removals Suggestions for further Categories The next edition of The eArt Directory

Part Seven : Website Directory Categories Advertising and Networking Art Agents, Brokers, Licensing and Marketing Art Books and Magazines Art Materials and Equipment Suppliers Artist Trading Cards Blogs Computer Term Definition Websites Digital Art Drawing, Sketching and Portraits Educational Websites eMarketing Advertisers Exhibition Opportunities Free Web Galleries Galleries to Hire General Web Galleries Giclee Websites Link Facility Websites Miscellaneous Museums (Links to) Newsletters Online Art Magazines Pay Web Galleries Residency Opportunities Sculpture Secure Internet Payment Facilities Website Builders Websites featuring interesting links Website Software Websites by country : Africa Australia Canada Europe Far East France Germany Ireland Italy Spain United Kingdom United States of America

ISBN Number: 0-9550272-3-3 Price: $12.95 Author: Lynda Cookson, South African-born artist and writer, based in the West of Ireland. Length: 89 pages including 'How To' text (see index below) and an extensive website directory containing more than 200 direct links to various art-related websites. Where necessary, there are photographs to illustrate the text.

Get your copy here:

Agent and Editor: Chapman Loney and Cookson Publishers

Author Bio: Lynda Cookson was born in South Africa in June 1954. Her writing career began while she was working for a newspaper in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and in 1987 she wrote a children__™s Christmas play called ___Suzie__™s Letter to Santa___, which was produced locally.

Writing took a back seat when she started her own handmade papermaking business called ___Paperways___, although she wrote and published ___How To Make Handmade Paper___ to form part of the papermaking kits her business manufactured. It was only after Lynda and her husband, Alan, immigrated to Connemara on the West Coast of Ireland in 2001, that she felt able to pick up her career as a writer.

In 2005 she began writing monthly artist profiles for the ___Now___ group of glossy magazines, interviewing thirty-three artists a year. That same year she wrote ___The eArt Directory___, a workbook assisting artists in promoting their work through the Internet, and curated and part-authored the ___Art In The West___ catalogue. The second edition of ___The eArt Directory___ has since been published as an ebook and many of her articles can be found in Irish magazines.

Lynda is also an artist and her paintings are updated regularly on her blog

You can get your copy of "The eArt Directory" at:

All the best! Lynda



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