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Lynda McGuire Guestbook



  Cris Pecknold

10/31/2014 * 13:50:31

I played bridge with you on Thursday's team game at Bridge Gallery. Your paintings are wonderful. Thanks for giving me you web site. Cris


  Julian Buck

01/22/2011 * 13:04:12

Hi Lynda - How nice to see you and Jim at the "Creator's Conference" in Penngrove. Thanks for introducing me to artid, and your displayed work. I like your Butterfly series, and the great names you gave to all of your paintings.


  Charles Merritt ( homepage )

02/16/2010 * 22:14:03

Really enjoyed looking at your work Feline Friends is one of the better works I have seen on this website.Thank you for such a nice presentation.


  Phil Johannes ( homepage )

03/08/2009 * 19:34:16

Hi Lynda

Great web presence!

Think I will look in to joining.
Beautiful images (especially of Sterling, of course!!).


  Betsy Davison ( homepage )

11/28/2008 * 09:32:57

Hi Lynda,

CONGRATULATIONS on selling your artwork in our ArtId eBay store!

I wanted to leave you a note to tell you how much I have enjoyed visiting your ArtId gallery and looking through all your lovely images. Great work!

Hope you are enjoying the Holiday weekend.

Very Best Regards,
president, ArtId


  Denise Gilseth

10/04/2008 * 14:09:45

Well, well, well...done and its about time! Your collection is so varied! Shows what a multi-facited person you are - beautiful. Every single one of them is beautiful.


  Bridget Wright

10/04/2008 * 00:06:41

I enjoyed looking at your wonderful collection. You have great talent. All your paintings are fabulous. My favorite is Bantam Beauties. I love, LOVE the colors and the details.


  Kristi Brown

10/01/2008 * 15:09:43

WOW! What a collection! My favorites are "Colorful Settings," "Seasonal Color," and "Flora," (I love "Pansymonium!") and "Handle With Care," obviously, although all are very beautiful. The website really illustrates your diverse talent, and I am proud of you! Way to go!


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

09/18/2008 * 21:50:25

The sharp edges and clean colors of your Earth Mother caught my eye on the home page. I really enjoy your southwestern motif gallery. There's something very tactile about the style of shapes used in Native American art. They are so iconic and familar; a blend of geometric and organic shapes that seem only seconds away from morphing into something recognizable. Your palette of earth tones perfectly complement the fluidly balanced compositions.

However, I must say, as strong as that portfolio is, I'm even more enamored by your abstracts. They constitute a fascinating blend of traditional Native American motifs and modern sensibilities with regards to compositions and arrangements. They are truly inspired.

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