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Laura Warburton About

Laura is a self taught Toronto based artist with an academic background in psychology. Laura creates art through the use of colour, texture and imagination. Her edict is that a composition is merely a vague idea, not fully envisioned, until the piece itself emerges with the artist's assistance. Believing that artistic expression cannot be static, held or boxed, her work reflects movement across or through the canvas. Whether the composition is brushed, sprayed, carved, splattered, scraped or poured, the use of texture, mediums and abstraction provides an organic feel that encourages the viewer to linger and rove across the canvas. Laura mainly creates larger scale paintings, upwards of 4 feet (width or length) and beyond. She is the founder of Loft Artworks, dedicated to non traditional, loft, condo , larger space needs with walls that are begging for completion. 2 comments