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Dale Lucore About

Lucore is as unusual as his work. Lucore said he dislikes promoting himself except as a means to help his chosen home town. He even shuns having his photograph taken because he said ___it isn__™t about him __" it__™s about his art.___ Having attended a variety of colleges and universities where he studied oils to acrylics, photography, printing and film making. He chose art over film because it sets the viewer free from manipulation. ___A director producing a movie looks for a laugh here and a tear there,___ Lucore said. ___I manipulate the context, not the art. I can__™t tell you what to see.___ to buy artworks go here for posters: 1 comment


Rising star in the digital art world

Dale Lucore proves that great art springs from the mind of the artist, even for producing digital art.

Working from his cabin in the woods of Eureka, the reclusive artist recently created waves in the abstract art world with his ___pure digital creations.___ Lucore__™s work now rivets visitors in galleries from London to Cape Town, South Africa, and Los Angeles to New York.


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