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Lucy Peltier About

One of my passions in life is photography. I have always had a camera in my hand and a good eye for photography. Self-taught and always learning, I love to capture special moments and beautiful things in nature. Photography has always been relaxing and rewarding for me. I also enjoy using a flatbed scanner and the digital darkroom to create visually interesting and unusual works. This technique is known as Fine Art Scanner Photography (aka. Scanography). Several years ago, I was seeking a way to capture digital images of my pressed flowers, so I laid them on the flatbed scanner and pushed the scan button. The results were intriguing, but somewhat unsatisfying. This disappointment led me to try scanning fresh-cut flowers instead. I was amazed to see that the results were quite detailed and 3-dimensional. It was like seeing nature as never before. I realized that this could be a form of art, and before I knew it, I was scanning various other plants and some inanimate objects, such as marbles and birch bark. Each final product takes hours to create. It starts with the search for creative subjects and the arrangement. Because the images are captured from underneath, it usually requires some repositioning, rescanning and scanner bed cleaning. The final and most time-consuming step requires touching up in the digital darkroom to remove dust, pollen and sometimes even tiny insects to clean up the background. The outcome of every scan can be impacted not just by the overall composition of the arrangement, but also the background, the depth of the objects, and intentional object movement across the scan head. Luckily the creative process is highlighted with delightful moments of serendipity. It's inspiring to see how other artists have used flatbed scanners to create art. The lure of the possibilities continues to engage me in the arts of both photography and scanography with passion. 2 comments


Born and raised in Eastern Massachusetts, Lucy Peltier is a Western New England College graduate with a BA in Mathematics. After many years of working at a large insurance company in computer support and raising her youngsters, she found herself laid off. With this free time, her life-long interest in photography was revitalized. She has since enjoyed exhibiting her fine art photography and scanography.

Lucy is on the board of her local art league and participates in most of their exhibits. Her fine art scanography and photography has been selected for 4 juried shows, and her work has been exhibited in group shows in several cities. She has had 3 solo shows. Her photo, "Mending the Web," won third place in the Nature category at the Friends of the Agawam Public Library Open Juried Photography Show.