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Loma Rothmund About

I was born on the Apache reservation and raised along The Mollogon Rim in the mountains of Arizona, the last of 5 children. I have always looked at the world from the eyes of an artist. Not how I would change it but how could I interpret it. Because of things in my life between 1973 and 2004 I was unable to work on my art more than a little bit. Now I am in the time of life and situation that is very nurturing of my work. I have been raised to look at things that the Lord has created as sacred. Every thing has beauty. Each talent that we are given should be developed to the fullness and done so with respect to our Heavenly Fathers gift to us. I don't have the talent to teach young children in a school, or the talent to play the piano, nor do I have a talent for keeping a spotless house, or the talent to balance numbers (numbers and I are allergic to each other). I wasn__™t given the talent to sing like my wonderful mother could___. But I can paint and create things with my hands. A talent I am grateful for and thank my Heavenly Father for guiding my hands. I am now married to a wonderful, supportive, handsome man and combined we have 8 sons and a daughter. We also have 14 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. I have a wonderful life___the world still kicks at us, I still deal with my own dragons, but with the Lord and each other on our side we make it through each day. Our favorite saying is___ ___When Satan and the World rage at us___we will rage at Satan and the World___not each at other.___ Add Comment



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