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Lynn Keffer Art Blog

What is Printmaking?

by LKeffer , October 9, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Prints, etching, giclee, printmaking

I am a new member to ArtId and am still finding my way around the site. Most of my artwork is "printmaking," that is fine art, hand-pulled prints made by an artist using a press, etc. That is completely different from a "print" that is made for reproduction using a computer and digital imagery and often labeled a "giclee". It appears that there is a lot of art on this site that has been placed in the media category of printmaking that doesn't belong there. There are many reproductions of art work mislabeled as Printmaking when they actually are prints of what was an original watercolor, oil painting, pastel, etc. In my next post I will discuss what comprises Printmaking, and specifically, etching.




  Lynn Keffer ( homepage )

10/19/2010 * 15:05:33

I had an email exchange with an art id employee who suggested I write a blog to help educate people about printmaking. I hope it reaches a few, because it appears to be misunderstood by many! However, I would like to be assured that submissions get monitored and that people do not mis-label their work.


  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

10/10/2010 * 00:51:08

I noticed that too. It is a total bastardization of the system.

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