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The Digitally Enhanced Painting

by ljdesigns , September 12, 2009—08:00 AM

Topics: Digitally, Enhanced, media, mixed

Digital enhancement of your acrylic painting is exciting and an excellent way of creating a new age of artworks. When your acrylics, oils, or mixed media are scanned into "Paint" or "Picaso" type computer paint program, art work can be turned into a masterpiece. Color selection is vast and adjustable. Choose from a pallet of colors that allows adjustment of hues and tones far above the acrylic paints completed by hand. The color spectrum is clean and quickly softened or manipulated. Your art comes alive with splashes of vibrant colors and literally POPs at first glance. Seasonal color pallets are a joy to master with just a little time and attention to details, i.e., lines, colors, texture and hues.

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11/20/2009 * 12:51:44

thanks for sharing ths very helpful info! have just embarked on my first altered book project, inspired by artist sis's visit and cousin's reunion complete with Halloween costumes. am a beginning artist, in acrylics, oil and mixed media.feeling my way along joyfully


  oilpainting ( homepage )

11/16/2009 * 09:55:55

color quality is very important for painting

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