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by lizard , September 10, 2008—02:36 PM

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As a painter, I find myself frustrated by many things-my inability to fully express myself on paper and have my art look the way I want it to, not having the right supplies, and so many others that I can not even list. I am interested in hearing about what other people find is frustrating and I would be interested in hearing from them (you).




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

09/10/2008 * 22:32:11

I create one of my own major studio frustrations. I often have several projects going, and although I know better I will try to work amid the chaos that I create. I'll be cutting mat on a corner of a table that still has other stuff piled on it, moving bits out of the way as I go. Squeezing in a painting area next to something else that is drying, etc. One of the blessings of doing Open Studio Tours is that I'm forced to get everything organized. I love it when it's in great shape and always swear I'll maintain the order. Yeah, sure!

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