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Olivia Alexander Art Blog

Challenges of the Present Day Artist

by livsart , October 4, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art talk, artists difficulties, internet fast

Well here I am sitting down at Shellharbour Village at a picnic bench overlooking the boat harbour.

I have a flask of coffee, a sticky bun, my trusty Thesaurus (so I can put big words in my blog) and of course, the incredible digital pen.

I__™ve just come from the chiropractor__™s who has been working on my back.

Why? I hear you ask. Because I__™ve been spending too much time in front of the computer! :(

Now this issue, and the subjects of two newsletters I received this week from other creative people got me thinking.

The first from John Nordell Photography, suggests a 3 week fast from all social media and online activity.

Sounds a challenge right? Now stay with me.

I then received a second newsletter from Clint Watson,of FASO , regarding a new book out called ___The Art of Non Conformity__™ by Chris Guillebeau available on Amazon.

Something that Clint said in his newsletter that really struck home was;

___Shoot for freedom, not money__™.

I started to ask myself some questions;

-Do I have the freedom in my life that I really want? I__™m thinking along the terms of my professional life, following my passion and making my living from doing something I love.

-When did marketing my art become more important and time consuming that actually creating the art?

If you were to ask me ___Who are you, what do you do___? I would answer,

___I__™m Olivia Alexander and I am an Artist___.

That is what and who I am, and I paid a high price before I discovered this!

And yet daily I am pounded with, ___ You must blog, twit, tweet and twitter, like, post and link on Facebook, put out a Newsletter etc etc etc.

I now spend triple the amount of time, doing those things and other stuff online, than I do actually painting.

And to be honest, painting has become harder as my creative energy is drained by the computer.

I know I__™m not alone here, as I talk to many artists who are struggling with the same things.

You see, in my other life I have a part time job in Sales and Marketing.

Again, that__™s hours on the internet as the world of sales and business has changed.

So I__™m asking myself, do I have real freedom? What do I want to do?

I__™ve decided that I can manage a one week fast from the internet __" get back to creating art and writing and reconsider what direction I want to take and how.

Maybe a week off from online activities every 6-8 weeks could be a regular thing and certainly a sanity saver for me.

What's the first step? Order that book; The Art of Non Conformity__™

Second step? Get off this picnic bench, it__™s killing my butt!

Anyway, Ciao for now, you'll hear from me in a week!



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