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Hi there! I thought I would post a sample of my Artist in Italy blog. The previous entries are on my website and I still have more blogs to post! Please have a read and feel free to leave comments, I would love to hear from you. Monday May 3. Day 8 Leaving lovely San Marino we head south to Urbino in Umbria region, the green heart! Urbino houses the Ducal Palace, Palazzo Ducal which as built in the 1400__™s and also the home of Raphael the artist. I buy some gorgeous postcards of his artwork at his house and then we find some lunch- One feature of Urbino is its pottery which was spilling out of the shop doorways. Umbria is a great area for pottery. Next stop;Gubbio, another picturesque hill town that climbs up Monte Ingino… Continue reading… 0 comments

Artist Traveling Italy __" day 4 of the Cosmos coach tour Wed. Apr. 28 2010 Florence " this is my second time in this beautiful city. First stop is the Perizzo leather factory and showroom n the city centre. I decide to buy an exquisite jacket, it is so soft. Every time I wear it I ™m transported back to Florence. We then have a walking tour with local guide, Francesca. By the end of this day I__™ll have walked 5 hours. We set off from the Piazza San Croce. Francesca points out interesting architecture including the large metal rings in the walls for tying up horses and the small windows in the walls next to the front doors. Apparently for putting carafes of wine in to customers. These guides know their stuff and study for years to become a city guide… Continue reading… 0 comments