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Olivia Alexander

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Hi All, I'm back from my one week internet fast! Hey, guess what? I survived I had a great time! I originally decided to take a week off from the internet because I was finding that I was spending far more time working on the computer promoting and marketing my art than actually creating art! Not only was I experiencing physical problems like back and eye ache, but I couldn't seem to focus enough to paint or even think creatively. I will now schedule a regular internet break into my bi- monthly timetable. I guess it wouldn't suit everybody, but I think because of my nature, it's something I need to do. I'm the sort of person who tends to get very absorbed by these things and I find it hard to back off a bit… Continue reading… 2 comments

Artist Traveling Italy __" day 4 of the Cosmos coach tour Wed. Apr. 28 2010 Florence " this is my second time in this beautiful city. First stop is the Perizzo leather factory and showroom n the city centre. I decide to buy an exquisite jacket, it is so soft. Every time I wear it I ™m transported back to Florence. We then have a walking tour with local guide, Francesca. By the end of this day I__™ll have walked 5 hours. We set off from the Piazza San Croce. Francesca points out interesting architecture including the large metal rings in the walls for tying up horses and the small windows in the walls next to the front doors. Apparently for putting carafes of wine in to customers. These guides know their stuff and study for years to become a city guide… Continue reading… 0 comments