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Hello, My name is Patricia Lynne Nicholson-Volante I am an alcholic (recovering-1 year 21/2 months)mother and wife. My son is 10 his name is Joshua. My husband is a pipefitter, Brian 49, and I am an artist, bartendar, jewelry designer. I live in Howell, MI and have a black lab named pepper, a white german shephard named salt, 2 cats sugar and spice, a fish, hampster (scatchey) and a turtle named nutmeg. I am 5' tall and kind of little (107lbs) You will never see me sitting down I am very athletic, energetic and extremely creative. I had a recent near death experience so I have been taught not to waiste one secound of my time on earth. I was raised catolic yet I do not practice it anymore, I am spiritual and live my life by the AA twelve step program. Add Comment



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