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by LisaMarie44 , June 11, 2009—12:35 PM

Topics: New, art, art for earth, economy, painting, pastel, struggle, wip, work in progress

Here I am back to see if maybe the economic crisis has leveled out and I can sell some art! I have upgraded to a Silver membership and plan to continue on my body of work. It seems often that those with real talent have struggles with mental issues, addictions, etc. I am no exception to this but am involved in a great book called the Van Gogh blues which is helping tremendously. Frankly I don't trust an artist who hasn't struggled in some way with their own identity, after all, it is the struggles that manifest in the truly great art.




  Earth Art ( homepage )

07/17/2009 * 17:00:28

This is done, but the way, but the mouse needs a bit of tweaking. I may enter it in the Boulder county fair, perhaps. Or I could give it to my mother in law, who loves it :)


  Earth Art ( homepage )

07/17/2009 * 16:45:21

Caroline and Mary, thanks for your comments. I think that there are those who feel that artistic talent goes hand in hand with depression/bipolar issues, and others who feel apparently that these issues are coincidental and have nothing to do with artistic talent or desire, and I, having lived the life, so to speak, know which way I feel about this issue from personal experience. I just saw an article recently corelating the two. I do feel that art in its many forms is something that any one can produce, but I do also think that there is an inherent artistic personality if you will among the gifted artists, and that can take many forms and be shown by different symptoms ranging from mild to very severe. But that is also based upon a "normal" which doesn't exist. The closest studied phenomenon is the use of the left or right brains more heavily in certain individuals, but I also know those that use both at different times. I think it is very complex and should be studied more. Part of my thing is that I do have to deal with the ups and downs, and it has happened all of my life, but it has only been in my 40s that I have been able to control this to a large degree. What I meant when I said not trusting an artist who hasn't dealt with mental issues was not meant to be negative towards someone who doesn't have them, but more of an exaggerated way of saying, I think most artists have them, and if they don't, maybe their motivation for doing art is not because they feel they have to, that they were born to. I liken this to when I got a drafting degree and had to work in a very technical industry. I struggled along until finally got to the point where I was tired of being a marginal talent and so were my employers. It was only fair to make room for the truly talented in the industry, right? To save money and all that too? If I was born to be an artist, why is every person who feels like making art their hobby aspiring to sell and take away what is rightfully mine, I feel, because I was practically born in to this? People should do what they are good at, and if they want to paint, hey, have fun, but let the professionals have their incomes.
Enough said, I am sure this will be up for rebuttal. I was in the mood to answer this, so who knows, my moods change....after all, I was born to be an artist.


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

06/15/2009 * 22:33:34

There does seem to be a connection between creativity and psychological angst. It may be anecdotal but it certainly persists. There could be lots of reasons why the two go together. Brain function is extremely complex and with all those neurons and synaps and chemical compounds flying about.
All I know is that many many artists I know or have read about have struggled with depression and bi polar issues. Some of my best work has come out of deep depression bouts. I have tried to strike a balance with creativity and stable function and it most certainly may be done. I would hate to think that I had to suffer to be productive.
Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

06/12/2009 * 22:40:20

I like seeing works in progress. I look forward to seeing the finished painting. I am a bit puzzled by the phrase "I don't trust an artist who hasn't struggled in some way with their own identity, unless you mean that you don't trust in their potential for success. I agree that in dealing with the problems that life throws at us as well as with the technical problems of our art, we develop our power and voice as artists.--Caroline

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