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by LisaMarie44 , October 21, 2008—12:38 PM

Topics: New, art for earth, pastel

Just wanted to say "Hello" and introduce myself. I just opened up my gallery and I really like this site, it is very user-friendly, shows the artwork off well, and has features that I especially like compared to other sites, such as this blog area, and the call to artists. I think that is an awesome idea and really a plus. I would love to get some comments on how you like the site, how long you have been on it, etc, and advantages. I would like to upgrade eventually. The only thing I have not seen as of yet is a statistics area so you can see who is viewing your art, if this exists, and what is being sold, but other than that, this is a great site. Is anyone doing "a painting a day", and if so, I would like to know how that is going. Please take a moment to check out my profile if possible, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Happy creating! Lisa




  Betsy ( homepage )

10/21/2008 * 14:32:49

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your wonderful comments about ArtId... WOW...and we didn't even pay you to say all those nice things about us! I'm thrilled you found us and that you are going to be a part of our growing artist community. Sorry I only got a brief 2 seconds with you on the telephone this afternoon. I hope Annie helped you with all of your questions. A quick answer to your statistics question....yes...we do track traffic stats for our paying members. When you upgrade, you will see a great many features in your member navigation menu. As for 'painting a day' artists', we don't have too many but we are growing steadily so I wouldn't be surprised if you get a couple of artists who respond 'yes' that I don't know about yet :)

We've been on the web since 2000 but reinvented our site a year ago and now call ourselves ArtId. As you so adeptly point out, we are different from our competitors in that we are following the push towards Inbound Marketing for our site and our artist members which includes SEO, social media, & blogging. It's not going to just be about a shopping cart. Art Patrons and Artists need to connect and build relationships. We have some great new additions coming soon including videos....

Look forward to your blog and Welcome!
Very Best Regards,
President ArtId

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