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Linda Gordon About

Linda Gordon is an artist, living in Barrington Hills, Illinois. Her passion for wildlife and nature has inspired her work from childhood on. She now specializes in equine art, and her artwork has been displayed across the country. Add Comment


As a young girl, I would spend hours with a sketch pad or sitting at my grandfathers easel creating ... well, a mess in my mom and dad's basement. I was the "happy painter" and no surface in the room I painted in was spared of brush spatter. I painted landscapes, grand mountain vistas that I knew one day I would see in person. I grew up in Illinois, but I dreamed of one day living somewhere out west, in the Rocky Mountains. As often as I could, I would ride my bike to a nearby forest preserve where I felt a deep connection with the natural environment. As years went by I traded in my bike for a car, bought a cheap 35mm camera and visited state parks, any place I could find where there was still open space, but still dreamed about exploring the mountain wilderness areas of the west. As years pass, roots grow and take hold and it looked like Illinois would remain home for me. I first took up photography to build up a reference photo collection for my painting, but photography became my passion. I learned a long time ago, that you don't need to live in an area surrounded by grand mountain vistas to find beauty in nature.

I have been blessed with a family that understands my sudden urges to travel to the mountains and disappear for days, tolerant of the fact that if there is a wounded or orphaned animal, it will live here until it's ready to take care of itself, and they know they don't have to look further than the barn if they need to find me.


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