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I am a 68 yr. old retired postal worker. Mostly self-taught I mainly paint in watercolor but am currently exploring oils also. I paint for a hobby and for the love of all things beautiful in nature. My prices may appear to be too low for the quality of my work but I live in a rural area where original art does not bring in big money. I would rather sell at reduced prices than to have my work sitting in my studio closet unseen. Add Comment


I began taking an interest in art 54 years ago at the age of 14 when my step-father gave me a book of female nudes to practice on with paper and pencil. I did well and went on to take two years of art in High School. After that, I married young and family and children kept me away from the art world for many years. At the age of 40, divorced and alone for the first time in my life, I turned to art to fill my lonely hours, starting with watercolor (all I could afford) then acrylics, then oils. I did some commission work for friends who liked my realistic style, including portraits and pets. Retiring at age 55, I took an interest in watercolors once more and have been going strong since 1997, only recently taking up oils again. As oils take a long drying time, I don't expect to have any of those paintings to sell until Jan. of 2010.

I survived breast cancer in 2006 and it has given me a renewed appreciation for every day that I am able to paint and do other things. Widowed in 2002, I remarried and my husband Ed is my rock.


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