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Rose Herczeg About

Mom of 4, love to do quiet things. Creative, love reading, writing, painting. Love to express myself with color. The beach in the morning is my new favorite hangout! I try to walk 5 miles every other day and be at one with the beauty around me. 2 comments


At 50, life for me is just beginning. I have picked up the pace on my love for art and creating again. When I was young, I would badger my dad to draw faces and things for me on the Sunday newspaper while we had our breakfast. He could draw most anything from memory. I always wanted to do that! :) I remember when he let me use his Jon Nagy "Learn to Draw Kit" :)

Here I am 40 years later and I am finally learning how to draw better. I am doing tutorials online and also wish to be a master colorist at some point.

My lack of education in the art field doesn't take away my love for expression. I have been doing something every day towards that goal.

Thanks for taking time to drop by!


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