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Lidia Simeonova About

BEING AN ARTIST IS A LIFE FORCE, NOT A CAREER CHOICE My artwork tells a story__"my story, of the different periods in my personal and creative life. I was born and grew up in Bulgaria, where I obtained a Masters Of Fine Arts from Velico Tarnovo University of Fine Art. My free spirit, and lust for discovery and exploration fueled a worldwide journey. From Bulgaria, I moved with my family to Czechoslovakia and again to Germany in 1991. Uprooting our lives with two children proved both adventurous and challenging for me. Once we arrived in Germany, I found myself eased and inspired by many traditions, culture and good friends there. I kept painting and managed to put on a couple of shows in Germany while trying to explore different parts of Europe too. My paintings hung in galleries in Paris as well as different international shows in France. When we moved to the United States in 1994, I discovered another world__"the world of electronics and computers. I became a graphic designer for a couple of years and then a clay modeler for General Motors, where I have been for the past 5 years. Here I found the opportunity to show my artwork at many national and international shows, where I received most recognition and awards 3 comments




1989 Gallery January 4th - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1990 Gallery January 4th - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1992 Reiffeisenbank - Andechs, Germany

1993 Gallery Taubenturm- Diessen, Germany

1994 Art Gallery Cely Barbier, Munich, Germany

1995 Smith Theatre for Performing Arts, Farmington Hills, MI

1997 Macomb Center for Performing Arts, Macomb, MI

1998 Bloomfield Fine Arts, Birmingham, MI

1999 Robert Maniscalco Gallery, Detroit, MI

2000 Angel Gallery, Ferndale, MI

2005 General Motors Design Center Gallery


1987 Gallery Balabanov- Ancient Town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1988 Gallery Shipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria

1989 Natl., Exhibition of Young Artists, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

1990 Natl., Exhibition Small Format -Sliven, Bulgaria

1990 Natl., Exhibition Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofoa, Bulgaria

1991 Center of Culture & Arts ___Passinger Fabric___, Munich, Germany

1992 Center of Culture & Arts ___Passinger Fabric___, Munich, Germany

1992 ___Arts-Inter___ International Salon Seigneurs De L__™Art - Marceille, France

1993 Artist Society Group Exhibition, Berg, Germany

1993 Center of Culture & Arts Taufkirchen, Munich, Germany

1994 Salon for Fine Arts - Chatelerault, France

1995 Natl., Exhibiton Douglaston Art League, NY

1995 13 Natl., International Exhibition San Bernardino Museum - LA, CA

1995 Joppish__™s Bay Gallery - Northport, MI

1996 Roger Lapelle Gallaery -Philadelphia, PA

1996 Fedulov Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1996 Medici Center for Visual Arts, Philadelphia, PA

1996 Arts Center of the Ozarks, Ozarks, Arkansas

1997 Midwest Color__™97 Chapter 104 Natl., Exhibition, Bloomfield, MI

1997 Hillcrest Art Center - International Exhibition, Hillcrest, CA

1998 Venice Art Center, Venice, Florida

1999 Michigan Annual Exhibition, Mount Clemence, MI

1999 Midwest Color__™99 Exhibition (CPSA), Chicago, IL

2000 Michigan Annual Exhibition, Mount Clemence, MI

2000 Maniscalco Gallery, Detroit, MI

2001 Maniscalco Gallery, Detroit, MI

2003 GM Design Center Gallery

2004 GM Design Center Gallery

2005 WomenMade Gallery, Chicago, IL

2006 Her Mark - Woman Made Gallery, Chicago IL

2006 The National Association for Gallery Owners,

Directors & Artists American Juried Art Salon's Fall/Winter

2007 The power of the portret- ArtRom Gallery, Rom Italy

2007 Art Addiction Medial Museum Competition

2007 Exsact size Biennual - CAID, Detroit, MI


1993 Diploma, International Contest for Alkid Paintings, Venice, Italy

1993 Silver Medal for Illustration ___Parrot in the Forest___ Fernsehwohe, Germany

1994 First Place Art Contemporain - Chatelerault, France

1995 Award of Merit - Douglaston, New York

1995 Honored in The Artist__™s Magazine Portrait Competition

1996 Windberg Enterprises Achievment Award, MI

1999 Lyra Award - Chapter 103, Colored Pencil Society of America

1996 Windberg Enterprises Achievment Award, MI

1999 Lyra Award - Chapter 103, Colored Pencil Society of America

2007 3rd Place in "The power of the portrait" ArtRom Gallery, Rom Italy

2007 Art Addiction Medial Museum - Diploma of Excellence

2007 Empowerment4wemen - Online magazine for wemen - Cover Artist


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