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I am primarily a painter although pride myself to have multiple disciplines in the arts and craft

I mostly use oil on as a method to execute a finished piece of work but like to experiment with a variety of paints and media. I apply paint in thick layers with which to achieve a raw, encaustic and more expressive aesthetic.

My work tends top depict architectural forms and individual components, many of which reflect an obscure location or remnants of a man-made structures that are no longer in existence. I also like to incorporate additional pictorial elements within such as electronic equipment, domestic objects and graphics including text and scores.

I am influenced by a variety of artists including T___'___'________ pies, Rainer, Rauschenberg, Kiefer, Gormley, Bourgeois, Long and Cornell. I also draw inspiration from many aspects of the arts including graphic design, architecture and fringe performance.

I come from an artistic upbringing and studied an Art and Design Foundation course. I am skilled in photography, printmaking, 3D/fabrication/modemaking, filmmaking, sound mixing, video editing and CG modelling. I started studying Fine Art but eventually graduated with a BS Degree in Sound Arts and Design after deciding to refine my skill bank and to pursue a more vocational route. I have however always maintained an interest in creating artwork and even selling my work.


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