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Linda Fraine Art Blog

Final Chalk Drawing at event 2012 Naples FL

by lfraine01 , January 30, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: 3D images, anamorphic illusions, art, chalk, drawings, linda fraine,, pavement art, sidewalk painting

Well I did it!!! I finished the chalk drawing in 6 hours. we had from 8am-6pm to complete it, I was finished by 3pm, which gave me plenty of time after to talk with the people who came to see the event. Hundreds of people took photos of the drawing and I was interviewed twice by 2 different local stations. Many of our friends came to see it and some hung out with my husband and me all day. I want to thank my husband John again for all his support and I want to thank our friends for their support and let them know they are all loved very much. I really enjoyed doing this. I am definitely doing it again next year.




  Elaine Griffith ( homepage )

02/01/2012 * 10:58:44

wicked cool!! but it must be hard to know it will wash away all that work!!



01/30/2012 * 18:09:52

I love the chalk drawing art

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